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Chinese modules with Taiwanese cells are considered Chinese

European commission sets new rules for Chinese modules

The European Commission forced to set another set of rules regarding the provenance of the Chinese modules in order to block goods selling from third countries. Industry allegations regarding the fact that a recent resolution about he sources of solar modules manufactured in China, using Taiwanese cells spared the panels from minimal module pricing and […]

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Trade war between US and China escalates

Taiwan suspectd to beinvolved in dumping process with China

A trade war begun between US and China as politicians argued and it all that started from a misunderstanding between solar manufacturers in China and Taiwan and U.S. Department of Commerce. The ministry of Commerce in China responded to anti-dumping measures and counter investigations on Chinese solar products as it follows: “China will closely follow […]

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The SMA Fuel Save Solution authorized in APAC

Diesel gensets and photovoltaics finished in Vava'u islands

Diesel gensets and photovoltaics combined in a hybrid system under the umbrella of SMA Fuel Save Solution , has been commissioned in the APAC region. The infinit benefits of reduced energy costs, and a minimal reliance on fossil fuel are finally available the Tongan island of Vava’u. The hybrid contains the SMA Fuel Save Controller, […]

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China sets new record in the PV world

China sets new installations record

Chinese PV developers reached a new milestone with 12 gigawatts of solar panels installed last year, almost doubling the total amount of solar plants in the U.S, this year they could exceed that as Bloomberg New Energy Finance announced. The solar PV panels were made in the Chinese provinces of Gansu, Xinjiang and Qinghai and […]

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London is hosting the biggest solar-powered bridge in the world

London hosts the biggest solar bridge in thw world

After almost half a decade the bridge was opened ceremonially yesterday at at Blackfriars Bridge across the River Thames. The bridge is part of Solarcentury’s project and the top of the the roof of the bridge was covered with 4,400 photovoltaic panels, and it provides up to half of the energy for London Blackfriars station. […]

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Solar energy helps India with wildlife conservation

Indian village energy crisis solved by solar panels

Tiwaru Gaon, a Mayodia model Village, is one of the many villages that have no connection with electricity. That is the reason why Wildlife trust of India in association with the Department of Environment and Forest, Arunchal Pradesh supported by Europaeische Tierschutzstftung equiped the Indian village with solar energy installations. This comes as a solution […]

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Researchers found a way to convert solar into fuel

Solar top be converted in fuel for cheaper energy

The Frontier Research Center at UNC-Chapel Hill discovered a way to transform solar into fuel, so that people could have power even when the sun sets. People could be truly independent with the help of this system and could say goodbye to the pricey solar batteries. U.S solar power researchers say the sun can be […]

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PV market is dominated by large-scale PV projects

Large scale PV helps the industry grow

Global PV growth is related to large scale project, 60% of which belong to China, the U.S. and Japan, a increase of 50% from 2010.China, the U.S. and Japan accounted for some 60% of all large-scale PV projects in 2013, up from less than 10% in 2010. The large-scale PV market is comprised of rooftop […]

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Harvard comes with a new type of battery for cheaper Energy Storage

Hravard bring new green energy storing batteries

There is always a good news when someone announces that renewable energy could be cheaper. The last institution that gave this news is Harvard University that says they invented a new “flow battery” that can find its utility in large-scales, such as within electricity grids, for storing intermittent renewable energy from green sources such as […]

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Are Solar Panels any good in Snowy Climates regions?

Michigan studys solar panel capacity in wintery regions

As the new year begun, we can say that many people’s resolutions had something to do with helping our planet be cleaner. One way of doing this is installing green energy plants instead of consuming conventional energy. As for solar panels, the plan is not so bad, but there are some climates in which people […]

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