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ETree for solar power

solar invention

Yoav Ben-Dov designed a special tree, a eTree that can collect solar energy from the sun. The invention is located in HaNadiv Gardens near Zichron Ya’akov, Israel. This new device was conceived by a Israeli company, Sologic, a solar energy based company. They say “eTree is a social enterprise which aims to promote environmental awareness […]

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The first solar battery in the world says it works with light and air

solar battery

Scientists at Ohio State University (OSU) have made a dye-sensitized solar cell that gathers its power by using air to dissolve and re-form lithium peroxide. The researchers think that the gadget, that immediately merges a battery and a solar cells in one, is able to bring down energy costs by 25%. “The state of the […]

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Energy-Saving Light Invention received Nobel Prize in Physics

blue LED

Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura got the Nobel Prize in Physics conception of the blue light-emitting diode, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences reports. The invention is a revolutionary way of producing light. In order to produce white light, you need red, green and blue. When the red and green light-emitting diodes (LEDs) […]

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London phones are going green and they will help you charge your phone with solar power

London solar boxes

Everyone is familiar with the red phone boxes around London, as they are one of the main characteristics of the British capital city. Lately, they haven’t been used so often, but that is going to change as they will be converted into solar power stations and will be painted green. The very first of the […]

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Latest Solar Power Tech project will be based on giant clams’ shiny shells

giant clams inspires solar tech

The superb shades of blue and aqua coat with iridescent lips of giant clams are useful in the solar power domain. They gather the sunlight and are a source of light for the algae in there. The algae then use the sun rays for photosynthesis that gives energy to the clam. “It ends up being […]

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Solar sunflower accumulates energy and water

solar sunflower

The very first “drop-in” machine can harvest renewable energy, water and heat to stand alone communities. It is all possible with the help of a 10-metre-high sun-tracking device that has been create so that it fist in one shipping container. The project belongs to Airlight Energy of Biasca, Switzerland. Besides all this, the plant can […]

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Solarcentury will construct the biggest solar carport in Africa at Garden City, Nairobi

solar carport

Solarcentury (London, UK) will build the biggest solar PV carport at a car park at Garden City Mall, that is sittuated on 32-acre retail park, residential area and office development Nairobi’s Thika Superhighway. Solar energy harvested by the 858 kWp PV system will go to the retail tenants. “We are incredibly proud to be bringing […]

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