California is planning on solving the green energy storage solution

energy storage in california

Tehachapi Energy Storage Project

We all know the benefits of green energy. It is free, it’s becoming more and more accessible and it is environmentally friendly. Still, it is not perfect yet. And one of the most challenging issues of green energy sources is identifying a storage solution for the power excess. Although it does not sound as a difficult thing when it comes to home panels, when we speak of utility companies, the situation changes.

But there is still hope as Southern California Edison is prepared to accept that challenge. They have launched the Tehachapi Energy Storage Project, a large-scale project that uses lithium-ion batteries (608,832 of them, to be precise), in order to save electricity. So, in the two couple of years, the 32 megawatt-hours array will gather leftover energy for the close sources and also from a wind turbine area. SCE will study what happens and pay attention to the lithium-ion packs, in order to improve their efficiency.

Even if this will not happen overnight, it is good to know there is a chance of improvement in the green energy field. So don’t expect to see this type of batteries soon, even if the test is a success. The batteries are only working in s small city. It will take a while until they can work a larger city, and even China’s record-setting storage system tops out at 36 megawatt-hours. But this doesn’t make it a less important step for the renewable energy field. SO this will make it easier for those who want to benefit from green enegy.

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California is planning on solving the green energy storage solution, 5.0 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

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