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Wind power – The main source of electricity in Spain

Spain saw wind power become its main source of electricity generation last month, underscoring the country’s progress in becoming one of Europe’s greenest nations.

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Vestas has plans for building a giant turbine in UK

Vestas has hinted it is considering building a new manufacturing facility in the UK, after unveiling the long-awaited design for its first wind turbine designed specifically for the next generation of offshore North Sea projects.

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Energy provided by passing trains

Rail travel is one of the greenest means of traveling across the country, but it could be even more efficient if the infrastructure itself produced electricity. Companies have already come up with plans to harness energy from passing trains using piezoelectric pads, and now two designers have developed a device that could harness the wind […]

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The tallest wind tower

GE has acquired intellectual property to build lower-cost, 100-meter-tall-plus towers capable of supporting high-capacity turbines. Together with France’s Alstom Group and LM Wind Power Group of Denmark GE will develop what they claim will be the longest wind turbine ever produced.

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Whitelee, Europe’s largest wind farm

Whitelee is already Europe’s largest onshore wind farm. It creates enough electricity to power 180.000 homes. Once extended, it will be able to create enough power for 300.000 homes. Over the next two years Whitelee will be ready to almost double it’s power becoming one of the most biggest wind farms in the world. Scottish […]

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March 28th, 2011 | Posted in _featured slider,Europe,INDUSTRY,Uncategorized,Wind,WORLD | Read More »

Ikea powerd by wind

Furniture store IKEA plans to build its own dedicated wind power facility. Under its long-term plan to heat, cool and power all its buildings using 100 percent renewable energy, the Swedish home furnishings giant will invest an undisclosed amount in the construction of its own wind farm to power 17 stores in Sweden. The nine-turbine […]

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March 28th, 2011 | Posted in _featured slider,Energy Market,Europe,INDUSTRY,MARKETING,Uncategorized,Wind,WORLD | Read More »

91% rise in UK wind energy employment

RenewableUK, the country’s leading voice for the renewable energy industry, has published in february 2011 the most comprehensive ever employment figures for the wind energy industry, showing a 91 per cent increase in full-time employment in the sector between 2007/8 and 2009/10.

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March 28th, 2011 | Posted in _featured slider,Analysis & Features,BUSINESS,Energy Market,Europe,INDUSTRY,MARKETING,Wind,WORLD | Read More »

22 % growth in global wind capacity

Global wind power capacity increased by 22.5% in 2010 with 35.8 GW of new installations built, taking the total worldwide to 194.5 GW at end-2010 from 158.7 GW a year earlier, according to figures published Wednesday by the Global Wind Energy Council. A total of $65 billion was invested in the sector worldwide, the GWEC […]

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March 25th, 2011 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Energy Market,INDUSTRY,Market News,MARKETING,Wind,WORLD | Read More »

The technological challenges of wind turbine blades

To ensure wind turbines that are big in size work in a better manner, a new kind of air-flow technology may soon be introduced. Apart from other aspects, it will focus on efficiency of blades used in the wind turbines. The technology will help in increasing the efficiency of these turbines under various wind conditions. […]

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March 25th, 2011 | Posted in _featured slider,Gadgets,INDUSTRY,MARKETING,USA,Wind,WORLD | Read More »

The power of domestic turbine wind generators

Like the majority of the various energy sources found on our planet, wind power originates from the sun. Earth receives light and heat from the sun as each daily orbit is completed. Most of this heat is focused on or near the equator. The intensity of the heat gradually reduces as it is transferred towards […]

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