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Tesla’s new ‘Master Plan’: Big trucks, solar chargers, ride sharing

tesla master plan

Elon Musk unveiled his “master plan” for Tesla Motors Inc., delivering a long-term plan that includes making an integrated solar and battery storage system and building a freight truck and a bus. He even has a plan for a ride-sharing business. According to IndustryWeek, Musk delivered the long-awaited plan on the company’s website to explain […]

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July 25th, 2016 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

Mercedes Benz set to launch home battery storage in Australia

mercedes benz home battery storage

Mercedes Benz Australia plans to unveil the home battery storage offering at its Melbourne headquarters in Mulgrave, along with an on-site four-car charging station, made up of the lithium-ion battery packs and solar panels. The plan is for the company to sell the batteries to customers as a package with rooftop solar – the cost […]

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June 30th, 2016 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

IEA: Energy efficiency improvements avoided 870 Million tonnes Of CO2 in 2014

Energy Efficiency Market Report 2015

A new report from the International Energy Agency has concluded that energy efficiency improvements since 1990 helped avoid 870 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2014. According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Energy Efficiency Market Report 2015, cited by Clean Technica, over two decades of energy efficiency improvements throughout IEA-member countries contributed to a […]

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October 21st, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,Analysis & Features,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

Apple wants to use solar power on mouse, keyboard, and trackpad

Apple solar-powered gadgets

In theory, the technology would eliminate the need for AA batteries which are now required to power peripherals such as the Magic Mouse. While Bluetooth-powered keyboards, mouse and trackpads may be commonplace now, we could soon see solar power replacing the current technology. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published Apple Inc. “Wireless communications circuitry […]

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July 20th, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

IBM’s machine-learning crystal ball to foresee clean energy availability

IBM renewable energy technology

IBM has developed a computer system that can learn about weather from thousands of data points and predict days — even weeks — in advance how much power from solar and wind farms will be available for the U.S. power grid. According to Computer World, the new system is as much as 30% more accurate […]

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July 17th, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

Company offers a ‘safer’ alternative to emergency power generators

solar-powered generator

Thousands of unlucky South Jersey residents were still without electricity Monday morning, six days after a violent storm knocked out power. Yet one local firm says customers could use its product to turn the lights back on, while they wait for utility providers to make a fix. “We really think you should be able to […]

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June 30th, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

This free app can help you calculate your renewable energy potential


Businesses and individuals can make use of a free smartphone app to calculate the renewable energy generation potential of a given location. According to Green Biz, the Global Atlas pocket was launched recently by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and is designed to allow renewable energy “prospectors” and investors to comprehensively research projects before making […]

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June 19th, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

Great River Energy offers free wind-power upgrade for electric vehicles

windenergy promotion

Great River Energy and its participating member cooperatives launched Revolt, a first-of-its kind program that allows members to upgrade the electricity used to fuel their vehicles to wind energy at no additional cost. According to Windpower Engineering, renewable sources are already part of Great River Energy’s power mix, but the Revolt program provides a more […]

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June 4th, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

If Tesla’s new solar power batteries are as good as its cars, they could change the way we store energy

Tesla home battery

Tesla debuted an array of solar power storage systems on Thursday, intended for both homes and businesses. The Powerwall and larger Power Pack systems will allow users to store most of the electricity from their solar panels and use it as needed — at night, on cloudy days, even when the grid goes down. According […]

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May 4th, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »

Australia’s biggest solar farm starts generating to the grid

Nyngan solar plant

The Nyngan solar plant in western New South Wales began generating power into the National Electricity Market, with the first of the 25MW completed to date feeding into the Australia’s main grid. According to Reneweconomy, far 350,000 solar PV panels have been installed by First Solar, with four times that much to be completed in […]

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March 23rd, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,BUSINESS,Market News | Read More »


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