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Romanian renewable energy companies ask Government to temporarily cut the accreditations for new plants

renewable energy romania

“Renewable energy investors which contributed with 7 billion euros in the Romanian economy were deceived! You should not allow the collapse of renewable energy”, is the message sent by Romanian renewable energy companies. In the open letter sent to Romania’s Prime Minister, Energy Minister and Energy Authority ANRE, four renewable energy organizations have asked them […]

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Two giant Israeli solar plants to provide nearly 2 percent of the country’s electricity

solar power plants Israel

Las week, Israel inked a $1 billion deal to build what will become the second 121-megawatt solar power plant under construction on a swath of country’s southern Negev desert. When completed in early 2018, the two plants, along with a smaller 30-megawatt photovoltaic plant slated for the site, will provide 2 percent of the country’s […]

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Apple wants to use solar power on mouse, keyboard, and trackpad

Apple solar-powered gadgets

In theory, the technology would eliminate the need for AA batteries which are now required to power peripherals such as the Magic Mouse. While Bluetooth-powered keyboards, mouse and trackpads may be commonplace now, we could soon see solar power replacing the current technology. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published Apple Inc. “Wireless communications circuitry […]

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IBM’s machine-learning crystal ball to foresee clean energy availability

IBM renewable energy technology

IBM has developed a computer system that can learn about weather from thousands of data points and predict days — even weeks — in advance how much power from solar and wind farms will be available for the U.S. power grid. According to Computer World, the new system is as much as 30% more accurate […]

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Study: Brains ‘excited’ by wind turbines

wind farm

Groundbreaking research from Germany on low-frequency “infra­sound” adds to the recent body of work that is challenging wind energy proponents’ insistence that turbines are not linked to health complaints reported by those living close by. According to The Australian, the international project led by the National Metrology Instit­ute of Germany (PTB) concludes that exposure to […]

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Dubai installed solar “palm trees” that charge phones at parks and beaches

solar palm trees

Dubai has recently installed “Smart palms” that store solar energy during the day and discharge power at night. According to Fast Coexist, Smart Palm, the company, has set up two so far—one on Surf Beach, another in a park near the waterfront. It plans to plant them in 103 locations under a contract with the […]

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Solar-powered racing car launched by CUER student team

solar-powered racing car

The launch of a new solar-powered racing car built by British students aims to highlight the potential of electric vehicles. According Engineering and Technology Magazine, the 60-strong student organization Cambridge University Eco-Racing Team (CUER) has been designing, building and racing eco-vehicles since 2007 and later today it will unveil its latest creation – a solar-powered […]

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3D printing garbage off the planet

3d printing garbage

AlphaPura is a global initiative to fund and develop 3D printers capable of repurposing the bulk of meltable human garbage on Earth into new products, and into global solutions. The story of AlphaPura began with Frederick Janson, a former research professional at Stanford University School of Medicine, and graduate business professor, who developed a 3D […]

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Japan is turning its abandoned golf courses into solar farms

golf course in Japan

Faced with too many abandoned golf courses, Japan has now turned to transforming them into solar energy plants. Back in the 1980s, golf courses were huge in Japan. So huge that memberships cost millions of dollars. Not surprisingly, a boom followed in the 1990s and early 2000s, and now…there are just too many of them […]

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Charge your phone in 2.5 hours with this paper thin solar charger

paper thin solar charger

Solar technology is getting better and better, with a new Kickstarter campaign having been started for “Solar Paper”, which is touted as the world’s smallest solar chargers. According to Tech Times, the chargers are available in four different models, with each offering different wattages, and the creators say that in the sun, the devices can […]

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