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Study says abandoned coal mines can produce clean energy

clean energy from abandonated mines

New technology could heat 45,000 homes in the UK, says team at Nottingham Trent University. In a novel example of the transition from high to low carbon infrastructure, researchers in Nottingham have discovered how abandoned coal mines could produce renewable heating for tens of thousands of homes and offices in the UK. According to Business […]

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Post-Fukushima Japan turns to wind as solution for energy crisis

wind energy Japan

The kamikaze pilots that flew bombing raids and suicide missions against the Allies in World War Two were inspired by a “divine wind” that they believed was keeping their planes aloft in the service of the Japanese Empire. Legend has it that the divine wind from which the word “kamikaze” is translated, referred to a […]

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Turkish farms will use solar power to cover their own electrical demand

solar farm

Solar energy is about to power Turkish agricultural sector, which is among the most significant market sectors in the country. In the upcoming period, the most important innovation for the sector will be clean energy produced by solar panels. According to Daily Sabah Business, the aim is to use solar energy to cover all energy […]

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This paper thin battery will charge your smartphone in 60 seconds

ultra-fast-charging battery

Battery life problems are among the most common smartphone affliction. No matter how power efficient the hardware gets, manufacturers end up using all of it and more for improved displays, faster performance, and more features. Now scientists at Stanford University have come up with an ultra-fast-charging paper thin battery that can be produced on a […]

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Abeer Seikaly’s stunning woven refugee tents powered by the sun

Solar-powered tent

Award-winning architect and designer Abeer Seikaly has created a practical yet beautiful solution to the need for lightweight, mobile, and structurally sound shelters for disaster zones. According to inhabitat.com, the Canadian-Jordanian’s Weaving a Home project not only provides flexible, transportable shelter, but also incorporates water collection, solar power generation and solar water heating into the […]

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Delhi University students show us how Metro trains can produce wind energy

energy from metro trains

Delhi University students found an innovative way of harnessing wind energy churned out by Metro trains to generate electricity. According to IBN Live, the project, undertaken by Kalindi College, has also got the backing of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), which allowed the students to install a turbine on trial basis at one of the […]

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Adding clean energy to power grid requires flexibility

power grid

Solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles and other green power sources are proliferating rapidly, but their reliable integration into the existing electric grid is another story. According to http phys.org, a study led by Eilyan Bitar, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, offers a comprehensive reimagining of the power grid that involves the coordinated […]

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Finland’s largest solar power plant under construction in Oulu

Oulu solar plant

Finland’s largest solar power plant, comprising of 1,600 solar panels producing 420 kilowatts of power, will be built in Oulu on the roof of the local printing plant this spring. The northern city of Oulu is quickly making a name for itself as a pioneer in the use of renewable energy sources. According to yle.fi, […]

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