Bring your innovative ideas to The Thin-Film Solar Awards Competition

thin-film solar awards

The Thin-Film Solar Awards Competition © Hanergy

The Thin-Film Solar Awards Competition, which is open to anyone, is offering cash prizes, incubator sponsorship, and production support for those submitting great thin-film solar product ideas.

Are you one of those people who’s always coming up with great ideas, even if you never do anything with them? Do you have a notebook full of ideas for inventions or product designs that have never seen the light of day? Do you often find yourself thinking about how to improve everyday products so they work better for you, or for others?

Have you ever said, “if you could only put solar on it…,” and meant it?

If you can answer yes to any of the above (or maybe even if you’ve ever thought “I wish there was such a thing as a solar-powered ________.”), then you might want to submit an idea or two to the Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Product Global Innovation Competition.

According to Tree Hugger, Hanergy, said to be the world’s largest thin-film solar power company, is looking for some bright ideas for innovative applications of its thin-film products on everyday items, and is offering cash prizes, production support, sponsorship at an incubator, and more, to the winners of the competition.

The concepts for submissions can be from across a wide spectrum of thin-film solar applications, from construction to mobile electronics to homes to vehicles and beyond, and don’t have to include a prototype or technical brief, which makes the competition open to just about anyone. In fact, if you need or want help with submitting your proposal, you can connect with the team first and they’ll help you to find the right resources or the right network to find the people who can help you.

The awards will include a $160,000 USD Grand Prize, as well as a number of other cash prizes, starting at $16,000 USD. Along with the money, the big winner will get a trip to a solar R&D lab, an opportunity for employment and profit-sharing, and production support from Hanergy. Plus, the thin-film solar ideas of today could turn out to revolutionize how we use, make, and think about mobile energy, so winners could be a part of a world-changing movement.

“All the business models built around steam-engines and baseload power are being disrupted by standard silicon solar modules. Imagine what will happen when we can provide electricity at the point of use with small applications of solar power appropriate to the load. It will put portable power into the hands of the people. The creative designers who enter this competition will have a chance to make history with their powerful new ideas.” – Danny Kennedy, founder of SfunCube solar incubator

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