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This solar-powered chip reminds us to close the windows

solar chip

A new kind of radio chip is intended to warn when windows are left open. This way, you can avoid having the heat go out the window on cold days. The sensor also detects break-in attempts early on. The key: This maintenance-free chip powers up with energy supplied by solar power. Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for […]

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IKEA to build Missouri’s largest rooftop solar array

ikea solar project

IKEA has selected Inovateus Solar for the development and installation of 1.28 MW customized solar power system. PV installation will begin this spring with the store opening scheduled for the fall 2015, which will be Missouri’s largest rooftop solar array. The 259,000 square-foot solar array will incorporate 4,085 panels that are expected to produce approximately […]

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Solar and wind power yield cheapest energy, experts say

green energy

Scientists at the eastern Lappeenranta University have calculated that China would become even more profitable if it were to make the switch to renewable energy within the next five to ten years. As the largest energy consumer in the world, China’s energy production remains a cornerstone of all global climate initiatives. The Finnish project was recently […]

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Biomimicry, the new way to improve the efficiency of plastic solar cells

solar panel

If you look closely, you may notice the tiny contours and crinkles on the surface of a leaf. All those folds bend and absorb light better than if it was flat, helping it receive more rays. Inspired by that, engineers at Princeton University use similar micro-folds to improve the efficiency of plastic solar cells in […]

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Solar energy extends electric vehicle driving range

solar energy for electric cars

Researchers from the University of Windsor and a local solar technologies company have collaborated to prove the benefits of solar power in extending the driving range of electric cars. By using solar energy, Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies founder and CEO Sean Moore says the driving range can be extended an average of 45 per cent […]

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Water splitting, a new way to store solar energy

solar energy storage

Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have developed a new scalable technique for solar energy storage that relies on hydrogen production through water splitting. According to aiche.org, the scientists are capturing solar energy and using it to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, so that the hydrogen can be stored for […]

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Perovskites for cheaper and more efficient solar panels


Materials that may be cheaper and more efficient than silicon at converting the sun’s energy into electricity are the key to the next generation of solar panels, scientists say. Perovskite, named for a 19th century Russian count, is now the most promising material for solar cells. Panels based on perovskites are surprising researchers by efficiently […]

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World’s First Solar-Powered Wearable

World's First Solar-Powered Wearable

Tech startup Misfit Wearables and 120-year-old Austrian jewelry maker Swarovski have come together to put out the Swarovski Shine, a collection of accessories for women paired with two new fitness and sleep trackers. The trackers include a clear crystal face and a violet crystal face. According to Forbes, the violet tracker is the one that […]

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January 6th, 2015 | Posted in _featured slider,Gadgets,MARKETING | Read More »

Engineering students invented a device that extracts energy from wireless signals

collect energy from wifi signals

Two Engineering students invented a cheap device that collects stray microwave signals in the air and converts them into power for charging batteries. The invention works similar to solar panels, the researchers claim that their converter can collect stray signals anything wireless, including satellite signals, sound or even Wi-Fi. They used fiberglass and copper energy […]

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New HD solar powered bluetooth speakers by Grace Digital to be available in 2015

solar speakers

Grace Digital Inc. has just introduced two new Bluetooth speakers and a HD Solar panel for its new Ecosmart line. Ecopebble, Ecosmart 4000 speakers and Smart solar panel will be showcased at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 2015. Grace Digital claims these products as a family of outdoor power and audio solutions for a 100% untethered […]

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