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Nepal finally goes solar

solar panels in Nepal

Sales of solar power systems have grown significantly in the past few years with load-shedding hours ever increasing. The government of Nepal has helped to boost the business further by providing subsidies to promote renewable energy in the country. According to ekantipur.com, the surge in demand for renewable energy systems has led many companies to […]

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Power to the people: ‘Fracking village’ goes solar

balcombe solar plant

A British village made famous after strong anti-fracking protests has installed the first community-owned solar panel project. According to Engineering and Technology Magazine, local residents from Balcome, West Sussex set up a local energy co-operative REPOWERBalcombe after controversy over fracking by oil and gas company Cuadrilla in the summer of 2013. The co-op has installed […]

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World’s first solar-powered lock for your bike

solar-powered bike lock

Developed by a team of San Francisco-based engineers, Skylock, world’s first solar-powered connected bike lock, can keep you and your bike safe and secure. An app downloaded on the user’s iPhone or Android device is the connection between him and his Skylock-equipped bike. Yes, it controls the lock remotely, but it does much more than […]

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Planetary Society to launch solar sail test flight in May

solar spacecraft

A tiny spacecraft designed to be pushed through space by ultra-thin “solar sails” will be launched in May by a U.S.-based non-profit group, 10 years after its first failed attempt. The Planetary Society announced recently that its LightSail spacecraft will blast off on a test flight aboard an Atlas V rocket. The society is a […]

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First autonomous public lighting system that runs on solar and wind energy

solar and wind public light

The first autonomous industrialized public lighting system that is running on nothing but solar and wind energy was recently created by researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, in cooperation with Eolgreen. The system is designed for use along inter-urban roads and motorways, and in urban parks and various public areas and is reported to […]

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Bacteria discovered that exist on pure energy

electric bacteria microbial nanowires

Microbiologists from California have discovered bacteria that survive by eating pure electrons rather than food, bringing an entirely new method of existence to awareness and raising questions about possibilities for alien life. According to Extreme Tech, the ‘electric bacteria’ – as they have been dubbed by the team that discovered them – take energy from […]

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This unique bamboo bike uses kinetic energy to charge your phone

bamboo bike

Bambootec, a consortium from Yucatán, Mexico, has designed a bamboo bicycle that turns pedaling into electricity for charging mobile devices. With a navigation dashboard in the handlebars, this unique bike measures distance and time thanks to a bluetooth connection. After all, Bambootec’s creation it’s an impressive piece of engineering—particularly if the designs are simple enough […]

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New iPhone 7 Rumors: Waterproof and Solar-Powered?

solar powered iphone

Although the Apple iPhone 6 is quite new, rumors have been flying about iPhone 7. Fans and analysts are clamoring to know what the iPhone 7 will bring to the table. Some think that the new device will be waterproof and solar-powered. Currently, it’s unknown whether the smartphone will see release in 2015 or 2016, […]

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Solar Powered 3D Printers Building Desert Skyscrapers With Sand

Solar-powered Sand Babel Towers

Sustainable, green construction in areas where people would never dream about living, is something that 3D printers could one day make possible. According to 3dprint.com, a Chinese team designed the Sand Babel Towers, which are a unique concept group of buildings that can be constructed in the desert, with cranes, and 3D printers. The actual […]

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Global investment in solar energy is on the rise

solar energy

In 2014, sales of solar panels increased by 20 percent. Although German solar producers are struggling with Asian competitors, they remain optimistic. According to Deutsche Welle, as the cost of solar energy production continues to fall, the market is experiencing something of a boom. In many parts of the world, it has become cheaper to […]

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