Kinetic + Solar Energy Floors to be designed by Energy Floors and OTEM2000

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Kinetic and Solar Energy Floors by Energy Floors and OTEM2000

Can you picture floors that transform the energy of walking into power? Well, it is possible. The electricity comes from pedestrians and solar panels. The two companies says that a range of products will be destined to citizens and the public sector.

This concept first saw the light of day five years ago and it was called sustainable dance floor. Sustainable energy floor accomplishes this “by means of a patented electromechanical system that converts kinetic energy of walking people into usable electricity.

The Sustainable Energy Floor (SEF) is the world’s most efficient energy converting pedestrian floor system. One step or move on a tile can generate between 2-20 Joules, depending on the weight of the person, type of movement and maximum deflection”, as the definition says.

The many processes implied together with OTEM2000 highlight the fact that novelties can bring benefits to both the efficiency and green energy in general.

As Antoni Orti, product and project manager at OTEM2000, says, “energy Floors has loads of experience with these kind of products; they developed the best technology to harness energy from human movement. In addition to that, the Hybrid Energyfloor® has the potential to create amazing spaces that fulfill a green cause whilst also communicating a cool and green message. All kinds of public areas can benefit greatly from these flooring systems.”

Until now, methods that use kinetic energy can be found on dance floors, train stations, speed bumps, and soccer balls. A good place for kinetic energy to be found is the school. That is why students are present all day. For example, at Webster University a kinetic energy mobile device charging station can be found on the campus in St. Louis; the “EnGo” is the innovation of a New York company called The Volta Group.

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