A simple glass sphere could change the future of Solar Power

glass sphere

A new type of glass sphere can revolutionise the solar energy field.

It is not a secret anymore that the sun in one of the biggest sources of energy available on our planet. Still, we haven’t reached a point where we are using it to its maximum power. Most of the photovolataic panels around the world can only perform as high as 15% or less, and if they don’t use a tracking device, their efficiency is even lower. So, we learn that the energy from the sun is not as productive as it could be.

Andre Broessel, a German architect living in Barcelona, can solve the problem. He purpose is to “squeeze more juice out of the sun.” And that is how he designed Rawlemon.

If you put together spherical geometry principles with their dual axis tracking system, Rawlemon can produce twice as much energy as a normal solar panel, if both are located on a vertical set-up. Moreover, the sphere can minimize the cell surface to 1%, as a lot more cells could fit into a specific area and also concentrate its power to make a lot more sustainable, cheap power.

As opposed to conventional solar panels, this new invented device, can benefit from a fully rotational weather-proof natural optical tracking system that can be used on inclined areas, walls, and any other location with sunlight. The unit can use a modular collector system that is able to charge and store power day and night, both from the sun and the moon.

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A simple glass sphere could change the future of Solar Power , 5.0 out of 5 based on 19 ratings

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