Green energy can be cheaper with Hydrogen

hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen for cheap and clean energy

We all know that nowadays our wellbeing is strongly connected to fossil fuels. The fact is that they destroy our planet and affect our climate change. But new researches show that the latest hydrogen breakthrough could offer cheap renewable energy.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow found a way of hydrogen production that can be almost 30% faster than the method is being used now. In addition to this, the breakthrough also gives a way of solving some problems that often come with the green energy sources most frequently used such as wind, solar or wave.

Scientists have found a way to craft hydrogen fuel on an industrial level without the need of methane. They say that this is an important discovery in the process of making hydrogen a solution in the detriment of fossil fuels.

“Around 95 percent of the world’s hydrogen supply is currently obtained from fossil fuels, a finite resource which we know harms the environment and speeds climate change,” lead researcher Lee Cronin from the university’s School of Chemistry, said in a statement.

“The potential for reliable hydrogen production from renewable sources is huge.”

Hydrogen is not hard to produce, especially when using electrolysis, a process that involves using electricity to break the connections between water’s hydrogen and oxygen components and releasing them as gas. In opposition to other gases, hydrogen can be used with no harm for the environment.

“The process uses a liquid that allows the hydrogen to be locked up in a liquid-based inorganic fuel. By using a liquid sponge known as a redox mediator that can soak up electrons and acid we’ve been able to create a system where hydrogen can be produced in a separate chamber without any additional energy input after the electrolysis of water takes place,” Cronin added.

This allows “hydrogen to be released from the water 30 times faster than the leading PEME process on a per-milligram-of-catalyst basis,” he concludes.

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