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From now on, we can cook without harming the environment

solar-powerd oven

A cheap Solar-Powered Oven could take wood’s or coal fuel’s place all over the world. Nowadays, even with all the technology in our hands, people still cook with the help of wood and coal. Well that has got to change. These fuels are often expensive, produce carbon and lead to health issues. Moreover, they are […]

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iPhone 6 goes solar

solar smartphone

The technology giant that in the past drew fire from campaigners for the fossil fuel dependence, is nowadays the leaders of companies for taking control of its own energy resources. Even if the solar farm owned by Apple is not doing great, the people in control of the environmental areas make use of the power […]

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Self-cooling solar cells are now possible with the help of tiny glass pyramids

solar cells

When solar panels are used to give away power, are using small solar cells that need to have direct sunlight a long time. This is not a very difficult task, but can rise problems from time to time. As the solar cells heat up, their efficiency level is going down and the age quickly. Taking […]

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Google to give $1 Million in Portable Renewable Energy Source Challenge

Google clean energy

Search engine is giving a $1 Million prize for the construction of a compact idea for turning green energy into a power source that can be utilized in the house. Google, together with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), has begun a ‘Little Box Challenge’ to come up with and construct a kW-scale […]

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The European Union approves the new German Renewable Energy Law

energy in germany

EU said yes to the Approval of Germany’s New BRUSSELS, fact that took place on Wednesday. The recent law was made with the purpose of helping Germany to not depend on nuclear and fossil fuel-generated power. A few weeks ago, the European Commission reported that it had given backing to the plans after Berlin agreed to […]

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New sponge-like material generates steam with the help of a small concentration of solar energy

solar energy

Scientist from the MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering report that they have found a way to make a sponge similar substance that is useful for transforming water into steam with the help of sun rays one-hundredth as bright as that requested by classic steam-producing solar power plants. Made of graphite flakes layered on a bed […]

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World highest solar parking space is situated in Tibet. The Solar Mounting System is secured by Schletter

solar parking space

The area enjoys over 3,000 hours of sun every year. No wonder Lhasa is also known as the “city of sunshine” or “sun city”. As you can imagine, there you can find the finest setting for harvesting solar energy. The project belongs to Beijing Corona, a company that chose the modular parking space Park@Sol, that […]

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UK renewables embraced by foreign investors

UK green energy

61 green energy projects in the UK were targeted by foreign investors in 2013, fact that come as a confirmation that this domain is considered one of the most attractive ones for abroad investments, as the latest government report shows. UK Trade and Industry yesterday announced that 2013/14 was a cosmic one for away investment. […]

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Microsoft announces they will power their datacenters with green energy

Microsoft wind farm

The soft giant said they will power a number of datacenters with wind power. In order to do that, they signed a 20-year contract with a wind farm from Illinois. The deal with EDF Renewable Energy is very much alike with the one the company signed last fall for a wind farm from Texax. This […]

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Solar transforms desert sand into art: glass bowls and sculptures with a 3D printer

solar invention

If we collect the sun’s rays we have a way through which we can freely power electronic devices. Nothing new so far. Sill, a student discovered a extraordinary use of the sun’s energy. Markus Kayser claims he can use the sun to develop a super-printer that can build glassware. The student discovered this while working […]

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