Energy boost with the sun creating solar energy products

Solar materials produced by the sun

Solar materials produced by the sun

A recent breakthrough in solar shows that scientists have found a way to catch the rays of the sun and use it to create solar energy materials that can generate green electricity. The American green energy researchers could bring the cost of solar power down by accelerating the production development, using eco-friendly materials and transform the sun in the source that produces solar equipment and an non-stop source to make them work.

The new discoveries were published in a journal of a journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, in work sustained by the National Science Foundation.

Solar energy products made by the sun

“This approach should work and is very environmentally conscious. Several aspects of this system should continue to reduce the cost of solar energy, and when widely used, our carbon footprint. It could produce solar energy materials anywhere there’s an adequate solar resource, and in this chemical manufacturing process, there would be zero energy impact.”” said Chih-Hung Chang, a professor of chemical engineering at Oregon State University, and lead author on the study.

The research is based on the fact that a microreactor with a “continuous flow” that creates nanoparticle inks that produces solar cells by printing. This perspective is less time-consuming and less expensive than the existing ones.

The sun  can create solar products

In this process, the light from the sun is focused on the solar microreactor to rapidly heat it and meanwhile to let the temperature to be precisely handled. Of course, the light in the experiments was not natural, but it shows that the whole process could be done with light from the sun and could cost a lot less.

“Our system can synthesize solar energy materials in minutes compared to other processes that might take 30 minutes to two hours. This gain in operation speed can lower cost”, Chang added.

During this experiments, the solar materials were made of copper indium diselenide. But the scientists wanted to lower the budget and use a combination consisted of sulfide.

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