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First solar charged train

UNESCO heritage Himalayan Queen train from Kalka to Shimla in northern India has become the first train in the world to adopt solar PV panels. 200 W PV modules were fixed on the roof of each of its seven coaches. The generated energy is stored in 2×65 AH Sealed Maintenance Free Tubular 24 V batteries. […]

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Solar ORC systems providing hot water and electricity in Africa seted up by STG International

Electricity isn’t really an energy source that can be yet be taken for granted in certain isolated parts of Africa where more often than not, a regular supply is considered a luxury. STG International, an MIT non-profit has come up with a feasible way to power up clinics and schools in such parts of Africa […]

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Tata AirPod powers up with compressed air

Gas powered cars might have been the best way to get around in the past but with the dawn of alternative energy sources, fossil fuels could pretty much turn obsolete, paving the way for greener and more eco-friendly cars like this new development by Tata. Barely a looker though sincerely green at heart, the AirPod […]

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