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Corsica started to become attractive for the solar sector

Corsica, the fourth largest Mediterranean island enjoys a high degree of autonomy. This island has a high solar radiation levels, between 1,750 and 1,900 kWh/m2, they are the highest in all of Europe.

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Water your garden automatically using solar panels

Your garden will not be thirsty of water when you’re gone. A new concept for gardens, the Garden Sitter, is a solar powered system, programmable rain barrel irrigation system that is capable of watering a garden for months together, without any sort of human intervention.

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Gemasolar Power Plant generates solar power at night

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The solar plant that can generate solar power even at night

The world’s first solar power station that generates electricity at night is Gemasolar Power Plant near Seville in southern Spain which consists of an incredible 2,650 solar panels spread across 185 hectares of rural land. The mirrors – known as heliostats – focus 95 per cent of the sun’s radiation onto a giant receiver at […]

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Toyota UK car plant will use solar energy

In addition to manufacturing a number of striking eco friendly cars like Prius and Highlander, Toyota has now geared up to power entire operations of its Derbyshire production plant in the U.K. with solar panels. The Japanese automobile giant has announced that it is going to implement the ambitious project, which will cost more than […]

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Europe’s largest wind farm starts producing electricity

The largest wind farm in Europe will be in Scotland, South Lanarkshire  and it has just started producing electricity. The wind farm will have 152 wind turbines and will be able to power up to approximately 279,000 homes.

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IBM software makes green buildings

In the future our apartment homes will be a lot more efficient than they are today. New systems like IBM’s latest software will help users keep tabs on just how much energy they’ve been using, helping cut down unnecessary electricity usage during peak hours, indirectly cutting short electricity bills by considerable lengths.

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World’s first solar powered town in Japan

Japan will have the fist solar powered town in Fujisawa City. Japan has learned its lessons from relying too much on nuclear energy after all the dark hours the nation has spent since the

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