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Research programme regarding biogas

The british government has launched a study into how waste from anaerobic digestion plants could be used to replace manufactured nitrogen fertilisers to help control costs for farmers and boost production.

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Significant growth in US photovoltaic industry

The US photovoltaic industry has experienced significant growth during the past few years, despite difficulties in the housing and construction sectors. Many factors, which contributed to this growth includes a drastic module prices decline in 2009, sustained federal support from the Section 1603 Treasury Cash Grant in Lieu of Investment Tax Credit program, and increasing […]

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Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic parking-lot

A Photovoltaic Parking Lot is a structure where the photovoltaic installation provides the on-site energy generation (DER) for supply the electrical car batteries. The question of using existing rooftops and parking spaces for production of solar power has been around for some time now. The general feeling is that there is plenty of space across […]

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An age house that blends with the environment

An ‘age house’ is basically an abode built into a section of a hill. It is a partial hypogeum structure. This means that the house will be partially underground, as the word hypogeum literally means “underground”.

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Solar power plant on the roof of the world

Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., the world’s largest producer of solar panels, announced it will develop a 10MW solar installation on the roof of the world that will generate decades of clean electricity for thousands of residents of the Tibetan Plateau.

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Clean Energy Standard took a step forward in US Senate

President Barack Obama’s ambitious plans for a Clean Energy Standard (CES) that would require the US to source 80 per cent of its energy from low carbon sources by 2035 took a small but significant step forward this week after a key Senate Committee launched a form of public consultation on the proposals.

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Tesco is using wind turbines to power its stores

Tesco has installed four wind turbines to power three of its grocery distribution centres as part of the retail giant’s efforts to become a zero-carbon business by 2050.

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ZETH – Zero Emission Temporary Home

The world’s first Zero Emission Temporary Home Z.E.T.H. is conceived as a more comfortable and user-friendly technological building. It has a south-facing roof covered in solar cells. That harness more than enough power to keep the appliances running and maintain the best comfort.

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Doosan Power Systems is investing in Scotland

Engineering giant Doosan Power Systems has announced it is to develop a £170m renewables research facility outside Glasgow as part of plans that could also see the South Korean firm develop a Scottish wind turbine assembly and manufacturing plant.

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The Solarball – a water-purification device

By harnessing the power of the sun, a Monash University graduate has designed a simple, sustainable and affordable water-purification device, which has the potential to help eradicate disease and save lives. The Solarball, developed as Mr Jonathan Liow’s final year project during his Bachelor of Industrial Design, can produce up to three litres of clean water […]

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