The power of domestic turbine wind generators

Like the majority of the various energy sources found on our planet, wind power originates from the sun. Earth receives light and heat from the sun as each daily orbit is completed. Most of this heat is focused on or near the equator. The intensity of the heat gradually reduces as it is transferred towards the poles. Domestic turbine wind generators harness this exchange of the warm and cold air. As the air passes over the turbines, a renewable source of energy is created.
The potential for harnessing wind power is enormous. The popularity of domestic turbine wind generators has increased recently, especially as the price for other energy sources continues to escalate. Wind power is a renewable, permanent way of providing electricity to households and businesses across the globe!
The vast majority of the Earth is windy at some point or time, while other locations are very windy all of the time. In areas where high wind is the norm rather than the exception, a domestic turbine wind generator would be highly productive. For example, if the average wind speed in a given area is at least 9 mph, the generator would produce a cost-effective level of energy if it were used along with a solar panel. On the other hand, if the wind is somewhere around 15 mph on a regular basis, the generator can operate at a substantial level on its own.
The amount of potential power generation is calculated based on a specific mathematical computation. In general, the cube of the wind velocity is directly proportional to the amount of power produced. For example, when wind speed is doubled, the potential energy production is eight times larger. Most wind turbines operate at a maximum level of efficiency when the wind speed is around 30 mph.
Electricity created through wind power is a permanently renewable form of energy. Since the wind can never totally stop blowing, it can always be harnessed for many generations to come. Negligible fuel costs and low maintenance expenditures, along with the cost of upkeep and installation, makes wind power electricity production a highly profitable enterprise.
Wind power generation provides a plentiful source of energy. In fact, the majority of modern-day wind power turbines are used to produce electricity. As the turbine blades rotate, the power of motion is essentially transformed into an electrical current via an electric generator. In remote or rural areas, wind turbines are strategically grouped together in areas where the wind blows the strongest. These generators in turn are connected with electric grids, providing energy for entire communities. In other isolated locations, an individual wind turbine on private land provides homeowners with an abundance of electricity.
Wind power generation is designed along the same scientific principles as the windmill. In both the windmill and the generator, a turbine is turned at the base as the wind blows. Windmills did not create electricity, however. Instead, they were used to pump water or for crushing grain, among other purposes.
The wind in our atmosphere is exponentially greater than current energy consumption levels. The enormous potential for electricity production is essentially the equivalence of more than a million tons of crude oil per fiscal year. In other words, the wind can provide five times more energy than the world uses from all current sources of energy. In addition, wind power is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, and dramatically reduces the level of pollution in our atmosphere. Therefore, it seems logical that investing in domestic turbine wind generators today will translate into big returns tomorrow.

Source: http://www.renewablehomepower.org/Domestic-Turbine-Wind.html

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